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This site is dedicated to Samba on Enterprise Linux.

SerNet's Samba Packages

Since late 2003 SerNet provides Samba packages for enterprise ready Linux distributions, e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Server and Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SerNet also considers Debian Linux to be an Enterprise Linux because of its remarkable upgrade capabilities and the long lasting life cycle of each distribution. Above all, it is always great to have a free choice.


All packages originate from one source package and are subject to the same quality assurance. The "one source policy" helps us to ensure that the Samba handling is almost identical everywhere. Therefore customers encounter the same Samba features on all their machines. This is how we want to make Samba a lot easier to handle in terms of deployment, configuration, maintenance and trouble shooting. We also include the packages for each distribution and version in our update cycles for a long time.

Several hundred downloads a week of those packages for each distribution show the importance of this offering. It also encourages us at to keep on with SAMBA+.

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Starting with Samba 4.3 SerNet made some changes to its popular packages, formerly known as EnterpriseSAMBA. They are now published as SAMBA+ for Samba 4.3 and all later versions and are available at our SAMBA+ shop at as software subscription per server and per year.

OPOSSO – the open source subscription organizer

The SAMBA+ subscriptions you buy at the Shop are managed at a new platform called OPOSSO at, where you activate your subscriptions and manage access credentials. OPOSSO itself is an open source software that will be released at early 2016 to the public under GPLv3.

Why is SAMBA+ not free (as in free beer)?

EnterpriseSAMBA has been a great success since we started it 15 years ago. SerNet did not charge any money for the software itself but received funding by development orders and by support for enterprise customers. Samba evolves rapidly, especially after the release of Samba 4.0 and the download numbers are increasing every year. But support calls go down when the software gets mature and easy to deploy so SerNet is not able to leverage costs via support calls alone any more. 

We at SerNet would have loved to release SAMBA+ free of charge but the rising numbers of downloads in combination with decaying support revenue leaves no choice. We hope that the prices we chose are fair and reasonable and reflect the value of the software, where all sources remain free (as in free speech).

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SAMBA+ subscriptions are available for one, two and three years at the SAMBA+ shop.


SerNet support

At SerNet you get the best Samba support out there. We offer support, consulting, training and coding around Samba. Worldwide. 24/7.

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Latest News


EnterpriseSAMBA 4.2.5 packages available

SerNet's Samba 4.2.5 has just been released. Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available at the EnterpriseSAMBA portal.

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed in the release history for Samba 4.2.5.


New SAMBA+ version: SerNet releases 4.3.1 packages

SAMBA+ 4.3.1 has just been released. Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available now.

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed in the Samba release history.

Additionally SerNet's SAMBA+ packages fix another bug (bug 11327) and now include the Snapper VFS module. Read more...